Dalton celebrating 25 years of creativity in the Galil

In February this year, Dalton Winery Celebrated its 25th anniversary in a gala celebration at the winery. The event honoured the 25 years of creativity by taking a gastronomic tour of the Galil catered by Chef Erez Komarovsky and accompanied by brand new wines from the winery’s new Asufa series created by winemaker Guy Eshel.

At the launch event held on 20 February 2020, Dalton Winery hosted the esteemed chef Erez Komarovsky, Erez is a chef closely associated with the cuisine of the Galil. He served a
variety of dishes using the freshest local products. Each course was paired with a particular wine from the winery’s new Winemaker Project, Asufa.

Asufa is a series expressing the experiences of winemaker Guy Eshel; moments and memories gathered throughout his time in the field, brought to life together at Dalton. The project incorporates six unique and distinctive wines, each with a different story, philosophy and taste.

The guests, who were made up of veteran club members, leading restaurateurs, journalists, wine shop owners and business partners were treated to a gastronomic trip through the
Galilee in seven stations (including dessert) where Chef Erez created Galilee inspired dishes to pair perfectly with each wine in the new series.

The guests were toasted by winery founder Mati Haruni and is son, winery owner and CEO, Alex who also took the opportunity to relaunch the winery members club.
Le haim, to many more years of creativity!

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