A word about vegetarian wines

Since 2015 Dalton has made an active decision to make all their wines vegetarian and wherever possible vegan.

It was an easy decision to take as vegetarianism fits in very well with our levels of Kashrut and most of our wines have been vegetarian if not vegan for many years.

Over the past few years we had been receiving more and more requests from the public asking whether any of our wines contained animal products so we decided to provide open information about our wines and teamed up with vegan-friendly.co.il. We will be using their mark on our wines, from the beginning of 2017.

The roll-in will be gradual so initially it will be better to rely on the list as not all the relevant wines will have the vegan friendly symbol.

So, what does it mean when we talk about vegetarian wines?

Well, in some instances, wines can be quite harsh on the palate with mouth puckering and astringent tannins. There are ways of softening the palate and some of them include adding heavy proteins such as eggs whites, gelatin, isinglass and others. All these methods are above-board in the wine industry, but we understand that they may not be to the taste of some of our customers. As such, we have made a decision to find vegan alternatives wherever possible and if not then we will use eggs from reputable sources.

We now have a list of all our wines and whether they are vegan or vegetarian. The list will be updated from time to time to include all our new releases.

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