Brut de Galilee

Tasting note

Our Brut De Galilee was made to offer you the best – a traditional method sparkling wine made with patience and care, from hand-picked grapes and carefully selected bunches. Let us be by your side during the small pleasures and the big moments.

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Brut is made from hand selected and early harvested Pinot Gris from our premium vineyard of Misgav Am in the Upper Galilee. The wine began fermentation in stainless steel tanks with no added sulphur. After fermentation it was blended with a lot of barrel aged Pinot Gris from a year earlier. The wine was then prepared and bottled for its second fermentation and was bottle conditioned in our cellar for three and a half years before disgorging and corking. This is the traditional method used and is similar the methods used in the making of Champagne.

Tasting Notes

Brut is bright and fresh. It is a youthful, elegant, sparkling wine with notes of citrus and green fruit. The palate is lively and bubbly with a finish of freshly baked brioche.

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Serving Suggestions

Serve Brut very cold with friends and family when celebrating or not, with food or without, for breakfast brunch or dinner.


Alcohol: 11%
pH: 2.9
Total Acidity: 6 g/l


Dalton Wines are Kosher le Mehadrin and Kosher for Passover. They are supervised by Rabbanut of Israel, Badatz Yoreh Deyah, Rabbi Machpud, OU and Rabbi Mordechai Ungar of Monsey.

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