Asufa is our winemaker Guy Eshel’s personal playground at Dalton Winery; A series of moments and memories gathered throughout his time in the field, brought to life together here at Dalton. Each wine in this series tells a different story – some of the here and now, others of a time and place elsewhere – but all were made to add color and complexity to your dining experiences.

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100% Chenin Blanc


Natur Vineyard.


The wine was made in two stages. Half of the grapes were pressed as whole bunches and the clear juice feremented in barrels . The other half was processed in the traditional method and allowed to sit on skins for a while berfore ferement. The wines were femented both in barrels and steel tanks, natural fementations in both. The wine was then allowed to mature 6 months in barrel on light lees.

Goes well with:

Burger Fish Pasta Cheese Pizza

Tasting Notes

The wine is a full bodied white wine with aromas of guyava and tropical fruit. It is soft on the palate with a long velvety vanilla finish.

Serving Suggestions

This wine can be enjoyed with grilled fish and chicken, or alternatively Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.


Dalton Wines are Kosher le Mehadrin and Kosher for Passover. They are supervised by Rabbanut of Israel, Badatz Yoreh Deyah, Rabbi Machpud, OU and Rabbi Mordechai Ungar of Monsey.

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Michelle Morin


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