Matatia is an extraordinary gift, honoring the man whose vision is the inspiration for Dalton Winery. Produced during outstanding years and in limited quantities, Matatia is about supreme quality and selectiveness. This wine embodies an eminence which is as rare and exceptional as the man himself. Matatia is a project that is always several years in the making and is named after Mat Haruni, without whom there would be no Dalton Winery.

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The vineyards for the wine were preselected and attended special care throughout the years. Yields were dramatically reduced in order to increase the flavour concentration in the remaining grapes. Harvest was in late September and early October. The grapes for this wine came from separate vineyards that were picked and fermented separately. During fermentation, the grape cap was pumped over several times a day to increase the depth of colour and levels of extraction of the wine in the gentlest way possible.

Before completing fermentation, the wine was pressed out, and the free run wine was separated and used to make this wine. Malolactic fermentation was then encouraged and when completed the wine was racked into a mix of new and old French oak barrels for 24 months. Once the aging was complete each individual barrel was tasted for quality and only the wines of the very highest quality made it to the final blend. The wine was further aged for a year in the bottle before release.

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Tasting Notes

Matatia is dark purple in colour, rich with fragrant notes of forest fruit, blueberries and raspberries, spiced with earthy hints of tobacco and licorice. The wine is full-bodied, well-structured complex and elegant with very good aging potential.


All Dalton wines are strictly Kosher Le Mehadrin and Kosher for Passover. They are under the supervision of the Merom Galil Rabbinate, Rabbi Yoseph Mishalil; Beit Din Yoreh Deya, Rabbi Shlomo Machpud; Rabbi Mordechai Ungar of Monsey New York and the Orthodox Union (OU).

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