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Dalton Reserve wines are our pride and joy. We value the quality and individuality of our vineyards, harvesting and vinifying each plot separately. After identifying the premium estate lots with the utmost potential, complexity, depth and expression of the Galilee region, their fruits are then carefully blended and crafted until worthy of the Dalton Reserve label. They are the premier prize for our labor and love, we are honored to share them with you. Pamper your palate. Pause for Pleasure.

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Merlot Reserve comes from the vineyards of the Upper Galilee, Zarit and Dalton. In addition we blended in 10% Cabernet Sauvignon from Kfar Shamai.


Each element of this wine was fermented separately and aged for a year in French barrels, after which the final blend was made and then allowed to age for a further ten months until bottling.

Serving Suggestions

A good Merlot such as this can be drunk with lasagna, casseroles (meat or vegetarian), grilled meats, barbecued steaks and chicken or even enjoyed on its own.

Goes well with:

Gourmet Burger Steak Chicken Pasta Pizza Restaurant

Tasting Notes

The Merlot is a dark, rich wine, with sweet fruit and soft tannins, showing the classic varietal qualities of plums, stewed fruit and cherry jam, combined with the subtle spicy shades of toffee vanilla and cloves from the barrels.


All Dalton wines are strictly Kosher Le Mehadrin and Kosher for Passover. They are under the supervision of the Merom Galil Rabbinate, Rabbi Yoseph Mishalil; Beit Din Yoreh Deya, Rabbi Shlomo Machpud; Rabbi Mordechai Ungar of Monsey New York and the Orthodox Union (OU).

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