White of Earth

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Asufa is our winemaker Guy Eshel’s personal playground at Dalton Winery; A series of moments and memories gathered throughout his time in the field, brought to life together here at Dalton. Each wine in this series tells a different story – some of the here and now, others of a time and place elsewhere – but all were made to add color and complexity to your dining experiences.

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The Wine

Earthy whites have always been of interest to Guy – Aged on lees, made in alternative vessels, with body and texture. Our White of Earth is made of Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in cool microclimates of the upper Galilee and spontaneously fermented in clay amphora. A mineral, energetic, full dimension white.


Elkosh Vineyard in the Western Galilee has a sunken vineyard that acts as a cold sink. It provides a great location for growing great whites, with prolonged ripening for extra character and complexity.


The grapes (Sauvignon Blanc) were hand-picked at the end of summer and gently pressed into clay Amphora, where the juice was allowed to ferment spontaneously. The shape of the vessel allowed the yeast to circulate building mouth feel into the wine. The wine was further aged in the terracotta urns for a further six month and was bottled late in the spring.

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Tasting Notes

White of Earth is bright energetic wine, aromatic with a mouth filling texture. Aromas of exotic fruit, grapefruit, and citrus blossom lift from the glass.

Serving Suggestions

This wine is a wonderful companion to a table full of local flavors: mezze, grilled fish, tahini light Mediterranean dishes.


Dalton Wines are Kosher le Mehadrin and Kosher for Passover. They are supervised by Rabbanut of Israel, Badatz Yoreh Deyah, Rabbi Machpud, OU and Rabbi Mordechai Ungar of Monsey.


Alcohol: 13%
pH 3.27
T.A. 5.6

2380 Bottles produced.

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