Pause for Pleasure

Dalton is about savoring life’s moments.

Making the most of time spent with friends and family.

Dalton lets you turn routine into ritual…simple into special.

We invite you to enjoy our wines in each of these moments, and add pleasure to everyday life.

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Dalton wines are made of high quality grapes meticulously grown and harvested from our own vineyards planted in the Galilee region. The winegrowing process is led by our team, which includes winemaker Guy Eshel, viticulturist Nahum Nave and our proprietor, Alex Haruni. Assisted by international wine and viticulture consultants, we continuously strive towards maintaining a sustainable approach and bringing forth an authentic Dalton spirit.

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Visit The Winery

Visit the winery, wine tastings.
Dalton Winery Visitors Center invites you to visit and taste the wonderful wines of the winery.

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Dalton Industrial Park,
Merom Hagalil, 13810 Israel
Tel: +972 04-952 7107