Two New Alma Wines
Alex Haruni
July 29 2014
Our ever evolving Alma series has two new wines, a Rhone inspired Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre and a New-World inspired Cabernet Shiraz

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Alex HaruniLatest News
November 28 2013
Latest News I realise that there has been silence on these pages for some months now and an explanation is overdue.

Alex HaruniFood for Thought
April 24 2013
Food for Thought A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about the horsemeat scandal in the UK and how we can find corollaries in the wine industry. I shelved the article because I felt that it was a little too late and I had missed the boat. Apparently I was wrong. This evening, in Israel, investigative journalist, Rafi Ginat, on his show Kolbotek, is going to expose a huge scandal involving the adulteration of olive oil. Below is the article I orignally wrote. Plus ça change plus c’est la même chose.

Alex HaruniVertical Tasting: Alma 2005 – 2011
March 07 2013
Vertical Tasting: Alma 2005 – 2011 It is blending time in the winery again and this time we tasted some 110 wines in two days. As part of the tasting we lined up all the Alma Cab-Merlot’s from 2005 to the present. It was interesting to see the development of the wines and how they are looking today. Here are the results:

Alex HaruniSnow
February 18 2013
Snow After the rains came the snow and the upper reaches of the Galilee were covered in snow for a few days. Here are some pictures taken by various members of the winery.

Alex HaruniJudging at the Best Value Competition.
February 18 2013
Judging at the Best Value Competition. I have just spent the past two mornings judging at the Best Value competition staged by the Sommelier website. I like judging in competitions as it gives me an opportunity to see what is happening in the industry. The competition is limited to wines up to 79 Shekels ($20) on the shelf.

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