Pink Moscato

Tasting note

Pink Moscato is sweet fruity and lightly effervescent Juicy…and just right. There’s always time for joy. Go ahead. Pause for pleasure.

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The grapes were hand-picked towards the end of September once the grapes had fully ripened. Our intention was to make a low alcohol, light, fruity and effervescent wine. Once crushed and chilled the must was allowed to sit on skins for the best part of 24 hours after which it was pressed out and the juice allowed to settle. A small amount of red juice was added, and a slow cold fermentation was encouraged preserving as much of the aromatic nature of the wine as possible. Fermentation was stopped once the alcohol reached around 5%.

Goes well with:


Moscato is a great sweet wine, a suitable accompaniment for most deserts such as fresh fruit, cakes and puddings. Moscato’s low alcohol makes it particularly suitable for use over Passover.


The wine is KosherLe Mehadrin and Kosher for Passover and Mevushal.


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